C180: Lista de Peças GCC


Parts Number Peça
12170001G Laser Power Meter
20600116G belt 158-2GT-10 - C180
20600118G Y belt 930-2GT-6-C180
20600119G belt 1310-2GT-10 - C180
20600123G Z asix Belt 2115-5GT-9 - C180
20600124G Y asix Belt 250-2GT-10 - C180
20900377G X Motor Flat Cable 730mm
20901493G auto focus cable for C180 (SY003-559)
20901614G Control Panel Cable FOR C180
22300003G FUSE (15A/250V ZE-800)
22300004G Fuse (3A/250V ZE-800)
22801994G X axis rail - C180
22801995G Y axis rail - C180
22802007G Z axis Platform - C180
22802085G Engraving Table s Hold Plug - C180
22802382G Window - C180
23300911G X tube chain(07.10-018-L17) - C180
23300912G Y tube chain(0130.15R28-L26) - C180
23301090G cylinder - C180
23400025G C180 Control Panel - C180
24500023G POWER LPS-75-12 DC12V (for LED)
24500032G Power supply (ALS-800-30C21)
24500042G power supply 320W-30V (SP-320-30)
24500064G Power Supply( RSP-1000-48)
25700014G ON/OFF SW
29004513G X-Motor PCB - C180
29004628G C180 Y-AXIS SET (Y motor PCB)
29004635G Right Y-axis Assembly - C180
29004638G Fixed Wheel Assembly - C180
29004640G X-axis Assembly - C180
29004643G Left Y-axis Assembly - C180
29004655G A Wheel Assembly - C180
29005059G DC12V POWER MODULE - Spirit & Gaia
29005128G Z motor Assembly - C180
29005135G Tension idle pulley asm - C180
29005358G Y axis Wheel Assembly - C180
29005390G C180 main board with C180 firmware (for Service)
29005409G X-axis Motor Assembly - C180
29005410G Y motor Assembly
29005411G Red pointer Assembly
29005413G Control panel assembly (C180)
29006010G Auto focus pin Assembly
40100037 Push-Pull tension gauge
29004969G 1.5" Lens
29004968G 2.0" Lens
29003695G 1" Mirror
29002522G 0.75" The 2nd & 3rd Mirror
29004736G 1" Carrage Mirror
29005364G Honeycomb table
29005363G Rotary Attachment

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